About Us

Poorvanchal Media Group Publications and the success story of targeted media in today’s Media landscape.Poorvanchal Media Group was started in an effort to create a new forum for writers and artists, readers and viewers to explore together the long-term trends impacting our world today. Poorvanchal Media Group a complete have so many News Papers in India published from Lucknow. The News Papers deals with Political, Social, Cultural and other issues of General Interest with Pan India presence across Delhi NCR, U.P., Uttarakhand, Jharkhand, Bihar, Punjab, Haryana, Himachal Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan, Assam, Maharashtra etc.

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Why Choose Us?

Global Network

We work on SEO, Software development, website design, E-Paper design on global level. We also provide news content service by our news agency in many languages ​​for our media sector clients.

News Updates

We have a very large and experienced team for news updates and news feeding which also manages news updates for our clients' news portals and managing their news sites.


We have global level e-news paper designer. They also make the best e-news paper designs for our clients news paper based.

Our Services

Digital Advertising

We display the advertisement on our most page view news portal so that the advertiser's product gets a new identity in the country and the world.

Promotional Concepts

We can help you save money on advertising and produce returns on investment. We represent various regions for nationwide advertising. We can promote your product globally through web media ads.

Premium Listing Packages

We have discount packages for regular advertiser. And such type of any information will be provided to you through our marketing and sales team. We always support and care to our client to best services.

Brand Ads

We can promote and advertise your brand or PR content. We have 20+ news portals with so highest page views in so many languages for your brand ads. You can visit in our brands category and look it.

Local & Regional Advertising

Through our news papers, we provide a good platform to advertiser in cheap prices. Your advertisement by our news papers becomes famous to the local and regional area.

Composing & Printing

All our clients of media sector who have their own small or medium news papers. We provide the facility for composing and printing news papers of such clients.

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